About Dewelloper

Dewelloper was launched in October of 2017 in Tallin (Estonia) with the mission
to change the way digital products are built.
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Let us become your custom
software engineering department

The demand for highly skilled software development is constantly growing, and so is the offer. Companies with large financial resources can either afford an own development team, or they can outsource its IT-project to an upscale software development company. On the other hand, companies with fewer resources opt for finding freelancers and small development teams to execute their projects.

Almost every company in the modern technological world - both large and small - is faced with various kinds of difficulties and issues of choice, when there is a need for both high-quality and inexpensive IT- outsourcing services.

We have realized this a long time ago, which has led us to create Dewelloper – a tech company, conformed of top-level software development teams, that can be ''affordable'' for everyone.

We are building a system that reimagines outsourcing.

Dewelloper combines smart project management of high-class software development companies with the best freelance development & design resources, thereby:

A) Large companies will receive digital products of the highest quality, spending less money than for the services offered by the common IT-outsourcing companies.

B) Smaller companies will receive quality development projects delivered by top IT-outsource companies, while maintaining almost the same affordable freelancers’ prices per development.

It is time for a new economy, in where Dewelloper creates the necessary tools to empower people and businesses to succeed.

Located in the IT-heart of Europe

Dewelloper’s headquarters is located in Tallinn, Estonia. In less than 30 years, this small North-West state has completely got rid of the old Soviet past and has become one of the most advanced digital nations in the world.

Named E-capital of Europe, Tallinn is the ideal place for tech companies: next to Dewelloper, there are more than 400 start-ups according to the latest data. This general spirit of innovation gives our team an inexhaustible energy resource to advance our mission, offering high-quality IT outsourcing services for everyone.

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