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Getting Started
How to start
How will I manage my team?
What will I tell my investors and/or partners if they do not want me to outsource software development?
Project Quotes
Who evaluates projects?
How do you give such a quick assessment?
How good are your developers?
Can you connect me directly to my project?
Which developers will work on my project?
Is Dewelloper just an intermediary?
How can you execute projects so cheaply? (Relatively)
What if your project estimate is still beyond my budget?
What hourly rate do your developers charge?
How fast can you deliver my project?
I do not have enough money to execute the project. Can we be partners if I give you a determined %
of the project instead of the full payment?
What kinds of design work are you doing?
Are your designers as good as the developers?
How does the team get assembled?
What are the stages of the project?
How often will you send me updates?
What happens when my project ends?
How do you assess any additional work during the project?
Is there the possibility of you stopping the work in the middle of the process?
What is a bug?
Is it possible to refine the project based on its initial tasks?
How can I be sure my project is kept confidential?
Can you sign my NDA instead of your standard NDA?

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