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An exclusive network of developers and designers
In Dewelloper, we have developed a 5-step process for selecting and inviting participants to our network. Therefore, each member of your project will be fully tested in advance for qualification and reliability.

We find and manage the best technical and design freelance talents from Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia and other IT-outsourcing European countries that have been rightfully recognized as the best in the world in software development. Whatever your type of project, we will pick the best executors with the right skills, in order to deliver the best results!
An exceptional project-management core team
Experienced project-managers are responsible for selecting the right development teams and managing them. All Dewelloper’s in-house specialists have a multi-year professional background with diverse companies. In addition, Dewelloper is conformed of a multilanguage team, which makes it even more attractive to select Dewelloper for your project.

We know how to get your project done, on time and on budget. We are so confident about it! You will be in love with us.
Save money, choosing high-quality at the lowest prices
Along with the highest level of developers and designers, the cost of software development in Estonia, Ukraine, and Belarus is 3 times cheaper than similar services in the USA and Western Europe. Cooperating with freelancers from these countries, we keep this price policy.

In addition, we keep the Fixed Price Model for all projects. We estimate and approve the project’s cost before its start, meaning that the price will remain unmodified until the very end. Finally, the client will be able to test the project and give us feedback.
Save time by choosing Dewelloper’s “Project Manager (PM) + Best Developers”
By hiring foreign-speaking freelancers on your own, you will probably find yourself in the situation of having to confront problems of miscommunication, different time zones, and/or contrasting mentalities. Surely it will also be a difficulty, to estimate the level of professionalism, high technical knowledge and work experience of project managers and freelancers.

As a result, this will lead to underestimation (or overvaluation) of the cost, the timing of delivery and the complexity of work, causing project delays, tensions in communication, additional costs, and overall confusion. With Dewelloper, you will forget about such things at all. You will be able to focus on the most significant parts of your business, providing us the control over mobile, e-commerce, web development and design.

No more headaches, waste of time, nor project delays! With us, you will gain a clear and structured communication process, led by our dedicated PMs, who will regularly provide you with reports at the end of each project stage.

We manage projects which require
high-quality development & creative work.

Therefore, we have created a selected network of handpicked and vetted professionals who are managed by our cutting-edge team.
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